Make a Triple Wreath Door Hanger





  • 3 wreaths of the same diameter
  • 1 spool of aluminum hobby wire
  • 1 30-foot spool of ribbon (2 are recommended if you make a matching bow)
  • Wreath hanger
  • Holiday lights and ornaments (optional)

Tip: You can use pre-decorated wreaths or use blank wreaths and decorate with bows, ornaments and lights as desired.


Step 1: Prepare the wreaths

Lay all three wreaths in a line face-down onto your workspace.

Step 2: Connect the three wreaths

Use the hobby wire to join the three wreaths together. Wrap the wire tightly to make the connection secure.

Step 3: Cut the ribbons

Cut the two ribbons that will connect your three wreaths. For small wreaths, the length of each ribbon should be 32-36 inches. For larger wreaths, the ribbon length should be 36-40 inches.

Step 4: Tie the ribbons

Begin tying the ribbon to the wreaths. When tying, loop the ribbons around and through the wreaths, pulling the ribbon from the back.


Loop the top of the bottom wreath to the bottom of the middle wreath. Then loop the top of the middle wreath to the bottom of the top wreath.

Step 5: Secure the ribbons to the wreaths

Tie a tight double knot at the back of each ribbon and arrange to make sure they are hidden behind the wreaths.

Step 6: Add a bow

Create a large bow using your ribbon or use a pre-made bow, and attach to the front of each wreath using the hobby wire.

Step 7: Decorate and hang

Decorate with lights and ornaments as desired.


Use the wreath hanger to hang the completed project on your door.



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